We do the heavy lifting...your team chooses a local charitable organization, gets sponsors and reads!

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Step 1: Identify your DIY Family Readathon team

  • Decide who will participate on your READATHON team. Consider your single family or make it multi-generational (grandparents, parents, children). 

  • Grow your numbers by including other relatives, friends, neighbors, classmates, Scout and youth groups and sport teams.

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Step 2: Select which community organization will benefit from your Readathon

  • What is a big concern for families in your community? 

  • What problems do you want to help with in your community?

  • Check out our Community Resources page to get more ideas about ways you can help make your community a better place for families.

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Step 3: Set up Readathon activities using your  FREE DIY Kit

  • Download  our FREE DIY READATHON KIT with everything you will need to set up and track your own READATHON.

  • The kit includes choices for printable read book lists, sponsor lists and bookmarks; READATHON Adventure Map; choies of READATHON graphics/images; sample emails/letters to charitable groups; asample pitches to make to potential sponsors. and directions for sponsors to pay by check/online directly to the charity.​

  • You can design your Family READATHON however you want. It's YOUR family's activity.

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Step 5: Start your READATHON!

  • If  you have team members of different ages, decide how to 'count' books read. Young children can read with an adult or on their own with each book counting as 'one read' regardless of the book's length.

  • For team members who read large books (e.g. 400 plus pages), consider making those books count as two books read.

  • Audible books, regardless of length can be counted as one book or as above with shorter books counting as one and longer ones counting as two books completed.

  • Whatever works for your team members is how you should do your READATHON. We just offer some ideas to help get you started.

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Step 4: Contact some sponsors

  • You don't need a lot if sponsors, because every dollar helps improve your community for families in need.

  • Create a list of relatives or friends you can ask to help improve your community by being one of your sponsors. 

  • Peoplcan can sponsor an amount for each book you read OR a set amount. The latter helps spnosors know exactly how much they will be contribution to your Readathon rather than waiting to find out how many books  you read.

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Step 6: Wrap Up your Family Readathon

  • When your team has reached your goal books read OR the end period for  your READATHON, then celebrate what you've accomplished!

  • Contact your sponsors to let them know your READATHON results and remind them how to complete their sponsorship commitment.

  • Contact your chosen local community group to let them know your READATHON has ended.

  • Print out and 'award' the FAMILY READATHON participation certificate to each team member.

  • Share your success with us, so we can add your family team to our website in recognition of your efforts to help improve life for families in your community.

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