This is it: Your BLUEPRINT to make this a fun family/group activity. You'll have everything we think you would possibly need to make this an easy ('no brainer) FAMILY READATHON. It's like downloading a map to guide you every step along the way.

So, here's all you need to create your own Readathon that will work for you and your team:

1. Download your FREE DIY FAMILY READATHON BLUEPRINT KIT. Choose what to use; ignore the rest.

2. Get people to join your team. Contact one or more sponsors.

4. Decide which community organization will benefit from your readathon.

4. Have fun reading books. Fill in the book logs as you read.

5.Contact your sponsors to let them know you've completed your team's READATHON.

6. Share your success with us, so that we can add your team to our website.


Easy to follow-and-use check lists to make this a really fun activity for you and all team members, including

  • general organizational list

  • list of info to share with each tem member

  • specific list for keeping your READATHON on track

  • wrap-up check list for activities to complete your READATHON

  • list of things to remember that worked well for your team


Written samples you can use/copy

word-for-word, such as

  • ideas for talking to your children and teens about being a part of your READATHON

  • what to say to a person you'd like to ask to join your READATHON

  • email text to request someone to be a sponsor

  • one sentence description of what you're doing

  • what to say when contacting a local community organization to get info  about raising funds for the group

  • contacting your sponsors, when your READTHON has been completed


Easy-to-print materials including

  • lots of choices for book logs to for keeping individual lists of books read

  • graphics perfect for using in a variety of ways for your FAMILY READATHON

  • participation cetificate for team members

  ...and lots more!​