We've done the heavy lifting for you with this detailed Blueprint Kit to create you own successful Family Readathon. We've included everything we could think you would need as you embark on your own fundraiser to help improve the lives of families and individuals - and pets! - in your community. All compiled into one free-to-download pdf document.

This is it: Your BLUEPRINT to make this a fun family/group activity. You'll have everything we think you would need to make this an easy ('no brainer') FAMILY READATHON. We designed it to guide you every step along the way with a variety of documents that you can choose to use. All you have to do is follow the steps; have fun reading; and have a successful fundraiser to support the local, state or national organization your team has selected.

So, here's all you need to create your own Readathon that will work for you and your team:

1. Download your FREE DIY FAMILY READATHON BLUEPRINT KIT. Look over the materials and choose what to

    print and use and ignore the rest. You'll see lots of materials from which to choose.

2. Get people to join your few or as many as you like. Together, set up your team.

3. Contact one or more sponsors.

4. Decide which local, state, national organization will benefit from your readathon.

5. Have fun reading books. Fill in the book logs/reading trackers as your reads.

6. Contact your sponsors to let them know, when you've completed your team's READATHON.


Then, share your success with us, so that we can add your team to our website.

Your kit will include:

  • A step-by-step guide (checklist or map) to follow as you complete them.

  • Lots of choices for adults, teens and children to track the number of books read or the number of minutes/hours of reading time. Some school children are used to tracking reading time, so we've include fun reading time trackers as well as book logs to download FREE.

  • Sample letters and emails to send to potential sponsors.

  • Lots of ideas for how to identify the organization for which you will be raising funds.

  • Sample emails to send to nonprofit organizations AND potential sponsors.

  • Options and suggestions for how you set up your Family READATHON

...and anything else we think you might need to make your Family READATHON fun and a success.​


You can always send us an email with questions you have to start or anywhere along the way of setting up and running your own Family READATHON.