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Reading. Writing. Books.

What's not to love?

Three generations - a grandmother, daughter, grandson.

We enjoy the time we share creating stories; developing new concepts for books; and doing what we can to help make our communities better places for families.

When we became first-time published authors, we celebrated with our own Family Readathon. That meant we could spend more time reading, while raising funds to support a local charitable organization. Jackson chose the local Humane Society where he had adopted two rescue cats - Cookie and Angel - who have become authors in their own right (long story) and characters in a new children's book series to be published in early 2021.

With all the challenges of 2020, we wanted to help families in our area who have been terribly impacted by the pandemic in so many ways.  A new Readathon is how we have chosen to help families in our community.  We quickly realized other families could do the same. It's a great way to help children and teens realize they can change the world...starting with helping families in their own communities just by reading books.

We've started our second Family Readathon in support of the Anne Arundel County Food bank...reading books, getting sponsors and looking foward to sharing the concept of DIY Family Readathons. Our team name: 3Gen Family Readathon includes the three of us and a dear friend of Blair's and her son.

Won't you join us? We've put together just about everything

we think you will need in our FREE DIY Family Readathon Kit

ready to be downloaded immediately.

We hope you'll share your own Readathon success with us, so we can let other

families know what's being done by families of all ages to help others in

their own communities.

Remy, Jackson and Blair

in loving memory of
my mother and my husband's mother (retired Librarian from the Anne Arundel County Public Library) who inspired a 
love of reading in their children...and that love
of reading has been passed on to the next generations.           Remy